Jacintha Saldanha and the Aussie DJs

Its all too easy and convenient to ‘blame’ the two Aussie DJ’s for this whole sad episode, but the ‘blame-game’ needs a closer look.

Unanswered Questions:

  1. What were the hospitals procedures for dealing with any incoming calls requesting contact or information on the Royal patient [Kate]? Surely, there should have been a robust, documented, trained-out, secure, standard operating procedure (SOP) for dealing with incoming calls requesting contact about a member of the Royal family…especially for someone as high profile as Kate Middleton?
  2. Did members of Kate & Williams’ Royal Protection Team or Buckingham Palace’s media team have in place a set of procedures that the hospital had to follow?
  3. Despite the embarrassment of falling for the prank-call from the radio DJ’s, surely a ‘normal’ person [with a husband and two children] would not kill themselves over it.

I once worked for a Drug Discovery company in Oxfordshire (Evotec UK Ltd.) whereby we had a visit for only a couple of hours by Prince Andrew [who was presenting Evotec UK Ltd. with an award for international trade – I still have the photos of that day]…yet the planning and security measures in place were detailed and robust…and yet he is only a minor member of the Royal family in comparison to Kate & William.

As a side issue, I find it odd that Jacintha’s family decide to have her body flown all the way back to India for burial…I guess Great Britain just isn’t good enough for her to ‘Rest In Peace’, despite her being happy enough to work here, live hear and enjoy the multitude of other advantages that Great Britain has to offer over her country of origin [India].

It is all too easy to blame the Aussie DJ’s…but the real blame, if it is to be apportioned, sits with the hospital’s own management, hospital procedural failures and Royal security failures.  The British and the Aussies are well-known for their sense of humour and love of playing pranks and jokes on any, and everyone…maybe if Jacintha had better integrated herself with British society, customs and norms-of-behaviour, she’d still be alive today?…but that touches on the other thorny subject of immigration & multiculturalism which I’ll avoid for now.


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